What is a refresh?

Re-freshing the look and feel of your company entails creating a more modern look that engages with customers in today’s market. With a refresh we update your company branding to take a more clean and modern approach and asdjust the content marketing to drive sales. For the website we redesign the pages and elements to give it a more clean and elegant feel based on the branding tweaks that are implemented.

Do I need a brand re-fresh?

If you feel that your current company look and feel is out-of-date and you are struggling to keep up with your competitiors, then a brand re-fresh is ideal for your business. The online environment is always changing and by keeping your brand fresh and modern you can compete easier and quicker in your market and drive customers to choose your brand.

Are you thinking of re-freshing your brand?

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How it works

The Quick Start Programme is designed to fine tune and develop your brand and online platforms within one week by using a simple, yet effective process.
Step 1

We review your current branding

We look through your current brand design, marketing content and designs as well as your website and make recommendations on how to adjust your platforms and branding to reach your goals and enagage with your customers in a competitive market.

Step 2

We create a strategy & brand recommendations

We create a strategy based on the recommendations made during the review. The strategy is created to implement the various recommendations at different stages to ease  the brand and company into the re-fresh. Once you sign off on the strategy we can start the design.

Step 3

Design the new branding & platforms

We start the design on the tweaked branding, marketing material and website and send you a presentation with various options to review and select from. Once you are happy with the designs, look and feel and direction of the re-freshed brand, we can move into the implementation phase.

Step 4

Implement the designs & strategy

We start implementing the re-freshed brand based on the strategy that we developed in the beginning. The implementation is done in a staged approach where we focus on speciifc aspects being implemented as specific stages, namely; the website, branding and marketing material.

Step 5

Launch your brands new look & feel

This is the exciting part! Once we have the full brand, website and marketing material created, we then launch the website and boost your new brand for your market to see. We focus on driving sales and enaging with customers to make sure they know they are still dealing with the same company and people they know and trust.

Are you ready to re-fresh your brand?

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Stand alone services

Are you just looking to improve on certain aspects of your business. We can assist you with individual services that will meet your needs.

Website Development

We design and create professional, modern websites that focus on user experience and promoting your product or service offerings to give you the best possible chance of turning visitors into customers. We create unique designs to best showcase your offerings and promote your business.

Brand Design

We offer a wide range of branding solutions for your company, from logo designs to corporate identity documents and brand collateral. We focus on creating brand designs that your cusotmers can relate to and that you can easily incorporate into any aspect of your business and marketing.

Online Marketing

Grow your business by generating more exposure through strong, definitive content marketing across social media and Google advertising. We offer a wide range of various marketing services so we can ensure you get the best option to promote your business and offerings.

Companies we work with

Here are some of the companies that we work with