What is the Quick Start Programme?

The quick start programme allows new businesess to develop the professional brand, website and social media prescence that they need to get started. Starting a business and setting up all the relevant platforms can be stressful and can be extremely time consuming.

With the quickstart programme, we can eliminate a lot of that stress and create the brand and platforms you need quickly and cost effectively in only 1 week, giving you more time to work on your business and get things up and running quicker.

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How it works

The Quick Start Programme is designed to fine tune and develop your brand and online platforms within one week by using a simple, yet effective process.
Step 1

Develop the idea & strategy

The first step is to determine the type of brand and platforms that is best suited for your business. We sit down for a strategy meeting where we work through the look and feel you want your business to have, the website requirements and needs as well as the social platforms and content marketing that needs to be implemented.

Step 2

Create your brand and corporate identity

Once we know the look and feel that your business needs, we are able to start creating your brand. We start with various logo drafts that you can choose from and update. Once we have the final brand logo, we create the full corporate identity to go with your brand, including; business cards, letterheads, email signatures and brand graphics.

Step 3

Design & Develop the website

When we have the final logo design, we then design and develop your professional website based on the requirements and discussion we had during the first strategy session. The designs are reviewed by you and when happy, we build the website to your specifications and populate the website with content provided by you.

Step 4

Set up Social Media profiles

After we have all the brand collateral and website, we are able to complete the social profiles set up. Here we add all the graphics and informaition to successfully promote your business and generate the first posts to start giving your business the exposure it needs.

Step 5

Final review and launch

This is the exciting part! Once we have the full brand, website and social media profiles set up, we then launch the website and boost your opening day compaigns across social media.

Are you ready to jumpstart your business?

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Stand alone services

Are you just looking to improve on certain aspects of your business. We can assist you with individual services that will meet your needs.

Website Development

We design and create professional, modern websites that focus on user experience and promoting your product or service offerings to give you the best possible chance of turning visitors into customers. We create unique designs to best showcase your offerings and promote your business.

Brand Design

We offer a wide range of branding solutions for your company, from logo designs to corporate identity documents and brand collateral. We focus on creating brand designs that your cusotmers can relate to and that you can easily incorporate into any aspect of your business and marketing.

Online Marketing

Grow your business by generating more exposure through strong, definitive content marketing across social media and Google advertising. We offer a wide range of various marketing services so we can ensure you get the best option to promote your business and offerings.

Companies we work with

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